Our Settings

The setting of your engagement rings is the structure on top of the band that holds the diamond in place. Very often, when selecting a ring, the wearer considers the diamond before the setting; this is likely due to the fact that there are certain diamond shapes that each individual feels particularly drawn to. But after you select the shape of your VRAI created diamond, exploring our settings is the best way to discover which style will highlight your diamond shape.

The Signature

The Signature is our response to the enduring simplicity of a classic solitaire engagement ring.

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The Signature Bezel

The Signature Bezel engagement ring combines historic sensibility with modern and thoughtful details.

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The Signature 6 Prong

The Signature, reimagined. Elegant and timeless, the Signature 6 Prong setting is the quintessential engagement ring.

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The Signature V

A future classic, the Signature V engagement ring is at once timeless yet untraditional.

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The Signature East West

The Signature East West is a modern take on our Signature solitaire rings. The diamond is positioned horizontally (east to west) instead of vertically (north to south) for a clean, linear look.

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The Classic

With clean fluid lines, the Classic engagement ring honors its moniker with a touch of modernity.

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The Classic Two Tone

The Two Tone engagement ring combines the elegance of our Classic Solitaire design with the versatile appeal of a two-toned setting.

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The Cathedral

A toast to everlasting beauty and elegance, the Cathedral engagement ring is our modern take on a traditional design.

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The Knife Edge

The Knife-Edge engagement ring is our contemporary rendition of a classic style.

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The Duet

Inspired by the beauty of two things coming together, the Duet engagement ring merges a balanced form with a graceful silhouette.

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The Three Stone

A romantic reminder of the past, present and future - the Trio multi-stone engagement ring is our refined interpretation of a classic style.

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The Halo

The Halo engagement ring is our rendition of a classically romantic setting.

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The Hidden Halo

The clean, fluid lines of our Classic solitaire engagement ring pair with an intricate array of handset pave diamonds in this unique setting where the halo is placed within four curved prongs.

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The Hover

Created to inspire joy, the Hover engagement ring features a floating solitaire diamond with surrealistic appeal.

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The Curator

The Curator engagement ring is decidedly different from any other design in our collection. A freshly rounded band balances symmetry and substance, creating a pleasing proportion with an artistic edge.

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How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

Let us break down the many factors that go into choosing the perfect engagement ring and provide you with some helpful tips to guide you.

Our Diamond Shapes

We consider the shape of our VRAI created diamonds as their personality and offer unrivaled customization options for engagement rings and jewelry.

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Why you’ll love booking a virtual appointment and chatting with our diamond experts to find the perfect engagement ring that’s meant for you.

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