Radiant cut engagement rings

Symmetry and fiery brilliance combine in undeniably elegant Radiant cut engagement rings featuring VRAI created diamonds for a look of beauty and strength.

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Expert advice

Expert advice

Complimentary appointments, in person or online, with our diamond experts.

Complimentary appointments, in person or online, with our diamond experts.

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Explore styles featuring Radiant cut VRAI created diamonds to find the one that’s right for you.

Radiant engagement ring FAQ

A radiant cut engagement ring is any ring that features a Solitaire radiant cut diamond, or a Three Stone setting with a radiant cut at its center. A radiant cut diamond is similar in shape to an emerald, but features brilliant cut facets like a Round Brilliant diamond.

Those who choose a radiant cut engagement ring love it for its modern appeal and extraordinary brilliance. They likely have more contemporary taste and love the radiant’s clean, rectangular form. They might also have maximalist style, and choose the Radiant ring for its eye-catching scintillation. These individuals want a look that stands out and turns heads.

When buying a diamond for your radiant engagement ring, prioritize cut. This shape features brilliant facets which hide inclusions and reflect light well, so an excellent cut is a must and should come before clarity, color, or carat weight.

The most important way to pair your Radiant cut lab-grown diamond engagement ring with a wedding band is to try the two on together to ensure a comfortable fit. A diamond expert can assist you in finding a match depending on your style of ring.

Depending on the setting, many wedding bands like a Flat or Round Band, or diamond-accented Infinity, Devotion, and petite Eternity Bands will pair nicely. Depending on the carat weight and size of your Radiant ring, you may need a style that pairs flush with your engagement ring. Certain styles, like a Curator Band, might brush against the elongated diamond’s edges.

A princess cut diamond is a true square, whereas a radiant cut diamond is more rectangular. A radiant cut diamond is essentially the same shape as an emerald cut diamond. However, an emerald cut diamond features step-cut facets whereas a radiant features brilliant-cut facets. Both the radiant and princess are brilliant cut diamonds.

Solitaire engagement rings are the most popular setting for radiant cut diamonds. Halo and Three Stone setting come next for highlighlighting this distinctly brilliant shape.

A lab-grown diamond Radiant engagement ring features a Radiant cut diamond that was man-made in a laboratory setting instead of mined. Both lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds are the same when it comes to their chemical composition. The only difference between the two is their point of origin. A lab-grown diamond has a guaranteed point of origin, while a mined diamond doesn’t come with such certainty.

Carat weight is only one of many factors that influences a Radiant cut diamond ring’s value. The other diamond 4Cs — including cut, color, and clarity — play an important role.

On average, a 2 carat Radiant cut VRAI created diamond costs close to 3 times as much as a 1 carat Radiant cut diamond with the same grade of cut, color, and clarity.

Pairing your Radiant cut engagement ring with a wedding band to create a wedding ring stack should be based upon your own personal preferences. VRAI does not currently offer wedding rings featuring Radiant cut VRAI created diamonds. However, choosing a matching wedding ring based on style, metal color, or additional pavé set diamonds is best. For more personalized guidance, speak with a diamond expert.

Radiant cut diamonds offer impressive sparkle similar to round diamonds but at a lower cost. Their unique shape allows gem cutters to maximize the use of rough diamonds, making the cutting process more efficient and cost-effective. As a result, radiant cut diamonds are a more budget-friendly choice without compromising on brilliance.

Radiant engagement rings are a splendid choice, combining the elegance of an Emerald cut with the sparkle of a Round Brilliant. Their dazzling brilliance and fire make them a great option for those seeking exquisite sparkle and a unique shape.